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Bluffton School Symposium

  I drove up with several other teachers to a little hamlet called Bluffton, Alberta today (Go on, Google it.  You know you want to.)  I watched a keynote, attended a few sessions and now I’m reflecting on my personal … Continue reading

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To Exemplar Or Not To Exemplar…..

I’ve had quite a few questions lately about if and when I use exemplars in the classroom.  I’m of two different minds on this issue.  There are definitely pro’s and con’s: PRO’S 1.  It provides a clear example of what … Continue reading

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The Role of Competition in The Classroom

There are several people who have strong feelings about whether or not you should promote competition in the classroom. Many say competition is healthy.  That it promotes kids to try and be better and therefore it betters themselves.  Competition is … Continue reading

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Diploma Exams: Worth Their Weight In…….?

You asked for a car for your birthday but settled for a computer instead….. Diploma exams are a hotly contested issue in Alberta among teachers, politicians, and the general public.  Currently they count for 50% of a Grade 12 student’s … Continue reading

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Stock Market Math

I’ve had several requests to elaborate on a project I’ve started with my Grade 8’s using the stock market to investigate the reality of integers.  Here is that project laid out with details and timelines. To begin with…..I had my … Continue reading

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Lessons Learned

I think often the best lessons our students and our kids learn are the ones that result from natural consequences.  In other words….they are learned in the moment. We started my daughter on a paid allowance this month.  She has … Continue reading

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