My Presentation Topics

Critical Thinking Across the Curriculum:  I showcase examples of how to set up critical thinking projects and assignments in multiple subject areas.  Think LA and Math can’t be combined?  Think again!

Backwards Testing:  Teach “about” the test, not “to” the test.  I take test questions and turn them into thinking activities.  Having kids analyze test questions and multiple choice answers is the first step in preparing kids for the realities of achievement and final exams.

Twitter as PD:  How to effectively use social media for expanding your personal learning network.  Twitter can make you a better and more efficient teacher.  You get far more value out of Twitter then you will out of many PD sessions.  It also connects you to other teachers and other resources you may never have thought of before!

No Tests, No Worksheets, No Problem!  Designed specifically for discussing math, I talk about how to use project based learning and student choice to get the most out of your math learning.  Having students complete in depth projects that have meaning for them is often a better learning experience then worksheet, worksheet, quiz, test.

Montezuma:  Death By Essay  Getting creative in the Social Studies classroom can be a challenge when you have textbooks to slog through.  My approach demonstrates alternative ways of having students uncover history to make meaning for them in ways that will engage beyond the typical essay.  Fakebook to create historic profiles.  Glogster for digital posters.  Foldables as an alternative note writing tool.  They’re all easy to incorporate into your everyday classroom!

Beginning With The Brain:  Knowing how to teach and how to learn often begin with understanding how the brain works.  Under what conditions does the brain learn best?  How do we foster these learning conditions?  What will hinder these learning conditions?  When does the brain “learn”?  This is an intro level into the biological workings of the brain and memory and what impact this has on our students.  Interactive with activities and humour!


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