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Who Will Pack Your Parachute?

Battle River School Division I applaud your new grading system.  I have a few slight issues with how you really are still using percentages, but on the whole you are breaking new ground and I applaud you.  You’re trying to change … Continue reading

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Using Criteria Lists as a Marking Tool

I was asked for my preferred strategy when it comes to “marking” (although I prefer the term assessing) and I started talking about criteria lists.  This is mostly due to the fact that I’ve really moved my teaching into the … Continue reading

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To Exemplar Or Not To Exemplar…..

I’ve had quite a few questions lately about if and when I use exemplars in the classroom.  I’m of two different minds on this issue.  There are definitely pro’s and con’s: PRO’S 1.  It provides a clear example of what … Continue reading

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Pigeon Holing Kids Down to A One Hundredth of a Percent

(Day 5 & 6) We’ve all seen report cards like this I’m sure.  Littered with percentage grades.  This is a report card from 1919.  It makes me wonder how they calculated grades back then, but that’s not my point today. … Continue reading

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