My Students Build Me Up

I was having one of those days today.  You know them.  The Wednesday that feels like a Monday?  Left the house late because my 2 year old wouldn’t get out the door, couldn’t find my jacket, forgot my lunch (for the second time this week), didn’t have time to grab my coffee, stepped in a puddle….and on and on.  I came to school in a foul mood.

It took exactly two minutes at the beginning of the day for me to smile again.  I normally begin the day with 15 minutes of silent reading.  It’s their time to get settled in for the day and it’s my time to model reading of my own.  But today I had a student ask, “Can I skip reading and go straight on my math project!  I can’t wait to get on this!”

Big, heavy sigh.  And then…the smile.

This student then went on to tell me about a conversation she had with her parent about her “favorite” subject in school.  She said that her response was, “LA, Math, Social….all of it!  Everything we’re doing right now is so fun!”

And suddenly it didn’t matter that I was going to have to force down a hotdog for lunch from the concession.  Or that I found my jacket hanging in my closet at school (which ticked me off to no end after looking for it at home for twenty minutes.)  And it definitely didn’t matter that I didn’t get my coffee.

She made my day.  I felt like I had purpose today.  I needed to be in a good place so I could continue her good mood and her excitement.  That’s all that mattered to me.

And at the end of the day?  She went home and tweeted:  “Had fun at school today!”

You know what?  Me too.

So thank you to my student.  You saved my day today.


About Cherra-Lynne Olthof

I've been a middle school teacher for my entire career (which began in 2001). Like my students, I too am a life long learner. My goals include helping my students to achieve their goals, support them in their learning, and to encourage them to think "beyond the grade".
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